February 5


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I just spent the last hour and a half wandering around Guelph with my dog, stopping to spend time in parks and then moving on. It was sunny and beautiful and 4 degreesĀ Celsius. And it’s February 5th. How is this even possible? We’ve had such a mild winter that it’s scaring me a bit. And it’s throwing me off somehow. My body is not happy that it’s not snowing and wintery out there. I feel strange, like I don’t belong in this world without winter. But is this the result of global warming from carbon emissions, or is it something that just happens every 30 years or so? Is there some other explanation?

I know a lot of people who hate winter. To them, winter is a season that you just have to get through and then you can be happy again, and run around outside in a tube top and short shorts. Although I’m sure not everyone who hates winter wears tube tops. But I love winter, in an isn’t-it-great-that-we-can’t-go-outside kind of way. In a bundled-up-to-the-nose-and-trekking-through-mountainous-snow-deposits kind of way. I love going for walks during those snowy days and that super bright light of the winter sun. I love the way that thick falling snow mutes all sound and makes the whole world seem like it’s asleep.

So bring me snow. At least an entire month of snow. The kind of snow that makes you love winter for the hell of it.

North Bay

North Bay

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2 Responses to “Winter”

  1. Bob Schrichte on February 6th, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    You are a hardy soul. It looks pretty chilly to me. I think this VERY mild winter is just a cyclical aberration. Enjoy it while you can!

  2. admin on February 21st, 2012 at 11:30 am

    That weekend I went to North Bay and experienced -25 degrees Celcius for a few days. It was glorious!

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