March 26

When push comes to shove

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I meet new people daily through friends, or acquaintances, or just on the street, at the dog park, running errands, making business contacts, and I’m always surprised at how impressed people are at what I do and how quickly they choose to not try it. I run a free clinic for a reason. And with a method like this, it would seem that everyone who has even the smallest ailment would come in to try it. I think it’s true that people are afraid to take something that is free. But in this case, don’t you owe it to yourself to try something that could potentially completely get rid of your chronic pain, tinnitis, or whatever genetic defect makes you so sensitive to wheat products? How about losing the weight your body has been holding onto for so many years that you’ve forgot what it feels like to be in shape? There’s an endless amount of things that could be going on with your body, and yes, I can help you heal them.

I think it’s the cost. It can be a setback for some people. But I always look at it this way: if you are willing to spend that money on testing, and driving to this doctor, hotel stays, hospital stays, etc., then why would you not be willing to spend it on something that will cost you a lot less in the long run, and heal you a great deal faster?

So please, come to my free clinic, try the method out for yourself. If it’s not for you, then that’s fine. If you love it, then great. I won’t force you into anything, because you’re the one who has to do the homework of actually listening to the tones daily. If you don’t want to do it to begin with, then you’d be wasting your time and mine, and nobody wins. We only move forward if you want to. This is a method to heal you, personally, individually. The program fits your life and your needs and can fit your budget. The prices may seem scary, but email me, give me a call, and we can discuss options.

This is your life to heal. Take every chance.

My free clinic is held every Friday. Walk in or make an appointment. You will have a full one-hour session with no strings attached.

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