September 14


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It’s a busy start to this school year. I find once the summer ends by the school’s standards, people realize they’ve been fooling themselves into thinking they don’t have a care in the world, and soon start looking for something to help them feel better. It’s the sun. It’s the warmth. We are happier with copious amounts of Vitamin D coursing through our veins. Autistic children show less symptoms in the summer months if they see the outside regularly. People who have injured themselves heal faster. We all sleep better. Our hair grows faster. And then it hits us: the cold, crisp autumn weather. The outdoors seem less friendly, and we sit in our houses and curse the thermometer for dipping lower and lower. Our bones and joints become stiffer like an old diesel car, waking up from several nights sitting unused. But this isn’t the way it has to be! We can take control. We can give in to our body’s demands and go outside, join a gym and actually make use of the membership, walk our dogs, ride our bikes, wear a few extra layers of clothes and welcome the cold with open arms, knowing that only in enjoying our time will it pass by faster.

And if you have any ailments, come see me.

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