May 24


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I’m in North Bay this week, seeing clients and helping my mom with her garden, and I’ve been thinking a lot about travel. My husband left two days ago on a three-week trip in Europe for a conference. I know he has his tones with him, but it’s hard when you’re on the road or in a new place, to take the time to listen to the tones, even if you would feel much better if you had. Even if you would have a better trip if you just took those 20 minutes to listen to your tones. It’s just the way our minds seem to work. Once in a new place, we forget our old routines and can’t seem to get into them until a few days into the trip.

I know some people who do very well with their tones while on the road. It depends on how you’re affected, but it can be easy to drive, for instance, while listening. I don’t, personally, but I’m afraid I’d be affected too much to concentrate. I do read while listening to my tones. Some people watch tv. That works perfectly. I have one client who washes dishes while listening to tones. Whatever suits you.

But when travelling, there’s so much excitement, you may get into the state of mind where you don’t want to miss a single minute, and so you don’t put headphones on and let your tones play through, helping you become more balanced and whole.

So let this be a reminder. Try. Listen to your tones whenever you can. It will help you enjoy your day more, your trip more, your life more. And you’ll be healing yourself along the way.

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