November 3

It’s been a while

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There something about working more that’s simultaneously lovely and not lovely.

I’ve had to take away the Free Clinic Fridays for a while, due to that time being booked by other things. Perhaps I will allow for it on a case-by-case basis. Email me if you have the need for it.

As for now, I will continue to use sound in many healing modalities. If you would like to book a session, please do contact me!

March 27

Free Clinic: Still at it!

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My free clinic is still running on Fridays, but I have been away for the last few Fridays. I flew to Regina, and then North Spirit Lake, Ontario, for a sound art workshop at the internet high school there. The link to the website with the teen’s projects will be posted soon. There some pretty amazing stuff there.

I am back now, but there will be no free clinic this Friday, and back to regular schedule next week. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do! You get a full session with the option to buy tones at the end. There’s no pressure, and no risk. Sign up ahead of time to ensure you get a time slot on the week you’d like.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Happy spring!!

December 25

Merry Holidays

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I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday. I am spending time with my family, eating lots of delicious food, and listening to Edith Piaf. My wish is for everyone to enjoy themselves over the holidays.

I’ll be performing on the 31st at the Artisanale in Guelph. Come out and enjoy it! For now, here something that always makes me feel cozy and at home any time of year:

Le Vie en Rose – Edith Piaf

November 23


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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the purpose of social media. More and more it just feels like a way of putting yourself on display to feed the ego. I know that I use it to make connections and meet people who have unique minds, or similar interests to me, or even just post cute photos, but it still is that personal soapbox upon which we can spout our take on whatever it is we think is important for the moment. I hope that I do a good job of being considerate and interesting without lecturing or trying to force anything down anyone’s throat. And I do hope someone is listening and enjoying.

So follow me: @rosabialski

June 11

Save the oceans: feed the world

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This is a really interesting report and proposal.

Think about it: reducing trolling and bycatch means more younger fish growing up into older fish. It means less needless destruction of marine life and more prosperity. Oceans

What would be the cost of implementation, though, and how do we get countries on board?

May 11


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I’m off on a trip!

Tomorrow I leave for Toronto where I prep and stay overnight and then leave the next morning. I take off on my bicycle for a 6-day trip to Montreal. I’ll be travelling with two friends of mine, and we’re almost completely ready. Just some last-minute things to do, like get the snacks and water bottles in order, put everything on the bike and see if I don’t fall over from the sheer weight of it. You know, things like that.

But, man! I am looking forward to this. There will be a couple of tricky parts, some long hauls, but overall, we will be very happy.

I won’t have all that much time to get on the computer, though, so if you need to reach me in a pinch, try calling. Otherwise, I will see you on the other side of the long weekend!

Have a good one!

April 19


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I went horseback riding with friends of mine for the first time in a long time. It made me think about animals and how strange it is that we domesticate them. It makes sense, and at the same time makes me wonder if this is a good thing for the animal in the end? I know that certain species of baboon steal wild pups from their mothers and raise them as their own, or “domesticate” in a very broad sense of the word. So then it’s not isolated to our species, but it still seems slightly strange. I think I lack the words to properly articulate what I’m feeling. As a pet owner and clearly someone who has ridden horses (as recently as yesterday), it’s not like I’m against it. There’s just something… Anyone care to help me out?

Many thanks to my friends for taking us out yesterday morning for this special treat!

Many thanks to my friends for taking us out yesterday morning for this special treat!

February 10

Mind-Control Parasites?

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This is truly disturbing. I had no idea that parasites and viruses can alter our behaviour in such a way. It’s definitely going to make me doubt some of my decisions in the future, but hopefully with positive results.

Follow that link!

February 5


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I just spent the last hour and a half wandering around Guelph with my dog, stopping to spend time in parks and then moving on. It was sunny and beautiful and 4 degreesĀ Celsius. And it’s February 5th. How is this even possible? We’ve had such a mild winter that it’s scaring me a bit. And it’s throwing me off somehow. My body is not happy that it’s not snowing and wintery out there. I feel strange, like I don’t belong in this world without winter. But is this the result of global warming from carbon emissions, or is it something that just happens every 30 years or so? Is there some other explanation?

I know a lot of people who hate winter. To them, winter is a season that you just have to get through and then you can be happy again, and run around outside in a tube top and short shorts. Although I’m sure not everyone who hates winter wears tube tops. But I love winter, in an isn’t-it-great-that-we-can’t-go-outside kind of way. In a bundled-up-to-the-nose-and-trekking-through-mountainous-snow-deposits kind of way. I love going for walks during those snowy days and that super bright light of the winter sun. I love the way that thick falling snow mutes all sound and makes the whole world seem like it’s asleep.

So bring me snow. At least an entire month of snow. The kind of snow that makes you love winter for the hell of it.

North Bay

North Bay

January 19

Ceramic bone implants!

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An Italian company, Finceramica, has developed bone implants made of ceramic materials.

IBM and GOOD have selected the company as a finalist in the GOOD Company Project. Here’s the link to their write-up:

To have bone implants that are not plastic or metal but actually bio-synthesized is incredible.