September 3


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I’ve been travelling up to North Bay on a bimonthly basis in the summer. Mostly because it’s lovely there, but also because several years ago my mother turned her front yard into a vegetable garden and that means there’s lots of maintenance needed. Not much daily, but once the vegetables are in season, then it’s time. I remember spending an entire day digging potatoes last year. It’s not much time, considering you end up with enough potatoes for the whole winter.

And the flavour of these vegetables is out of this world. I think we are used to vegetables that are picked before they are ready. Ones that travel great distances to get to our table. During that travel, they lose something. I don’t know if it’s something measurable or not. What I do know is that any time I eat something fresh from someone’s garden, it is infinitely more flavourful, and brings me total happiness to eat it. It’s like my insides are smiling when I crunch a cherry tomato right off the vine, or gobble down a plate of steamed beans that I picked that morning. A carrot right out of the ground is something so wonderfully simple and still so much better than ones you buy in the store.

It may be a bit of work, but it’s work you feel good about. If you have the space, try a small garden. Plant a few of your favourite veggies. Some don’t make it every year, but the ones that do will make you glad you did it.

Happy harvest!

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  1. Rosa Bialski on September 3rd, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    Forgot to mention, as always, that any questions about methods and so on are most welcome.

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