May 11


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I’m off on a trip!

Tomorrow I leave for Toronto where I prep and stay overnight and then leave the next morning. I take off on my bicycle for a 6-day trip to Montreal. I’ll be travelling with two friends of mine, and we’re almost completely ready. Just some last-minute things to do, like get the snacks and water bottles in order, put everything on the bike and see if I don’t fall over from the sheer weight of it. You know, things like that.

But, man! I am looking forward to this. There will be a couple of tricky parts, some long hauls, but overall, we will be very happy.

I won’t have all that much time to get on the computer, though, so if you need to reach me in a pinch, try calling. Otherwise, I will see you on the other side of the long weekend!

Have a good one!

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