August 16

Beef from cloned cows

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I found this article today and I really can’t believe it.

Do people really not know the point of evolution? I think trying to produce a monoculture of something has always been a mistake. From its impact on honeybee populations (see, to jackpines (, as well as bird populations all over the world.

Cloning cows to produce the best-tasting meat possible sounds unconscionable, unethical, and downright disgusting to me.

If you are of a different opinion and have some insight that would make it seem better, please enlighten me. I guess this is where you get to when you’re taught to think of living things as products or profits. Treating cows like dollar bills that can be cloned or photocopied or “reanimated” would make perfect sense then. But doesn’t that sound like counterfeiting just a little too much? Won’t people realize that there is more to taste than what’s on our tongues? Because the thought of eating “reanimated” beef turns my stomach.

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